Conference Messages

Dec. 26 2017

Joint Opening

By: Bob Sjogren

Dec. 27 2017

W1 Kingdom Perspective: Missional Families-Discipleship at Home Author: Peter Tan-Chi

By: Peter Tan-Chi

U1 Worldwide Christian Churches Ministries - A Cross-cultural Mission Program

By: Freda Cheung

X1 Generations on Missions-Missions Local to Global

By: Garrett Ho

Y1 Adopting UPG-Strategically Engaging the Unengaged: Effective Outreach through Arts and Media

By: Pamela Arlund

Z1 Asian Christians Impacting Society

By: Larissa Lam & Baldwin Chiu

Your Path of Missional Discipleship

By: Jeff Iorg

Unleashed as a Family-Raising and Releasing the Next Gen of Kingdom Builders

By: Francis Chan

Dec. 28 2017

Dec. 29 2017

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