Wayne Chen

Radius Asia

Wayne Chen
Director of Radius Asia

Wayne is the director for Radius Asia (radiusinternational.org). Radius, based out of Tijuana, Mexico, is training program for cross-cultural missionaries with heavy emphasis on language and cultural acquisition to proficiency, foundational Bible teaching, embracing suffering and hardship as tools in church planting and planting mature churches with indigenous leadership. Radius Asia is aiming to launch its first training center in Taiwan in 2019.

Wayne and his wife Gail both graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. After graduation, Wayne and Gail served in Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church in Northern California. In 2007, Wayne and Gail, along with Abigail and Michaela, left suburban America and joined New Tribes Mission as tribal church planters.

In 2009, the family moved to the country of Papua New Guinea. They soon began living with a tribal group called the Biem people, on a tiny volcanic island 150km off the northern coast. In the last 9 years, they learned Biem language, developed an alphabet and a written form of the language, taught the Biem how to read and write and presented the Gospel to the Biem people. Today, there is a strong and vibrant indigenous church on Biem with tribal elders shepherding the church. They are now working to complete the New Testament translation for the church.